Thankyou for taking a few moments to view our page. Whoever you may be, we appreciate it!!

we’ve counted the number of signatures that we have collected on our petition. we have collected just over 800, so a massive thankyou to everyone who signed it. we really appreciate it! we have also collected Dr Parkins signature and a personal comment from him. he invited us into his office and was keen to hear our cause. we are now ready to send the petition to animal aid. we hope it will help their campaigning and show our support.

theres not really much else to say. if you want to check out the other posts detailing everything we’ve done to raise awareness and support for our camapgin, then that would be great!

thankyou x


halfway there!


sorry we haven’t blogged for a while. we’ve been very bust planning our advocacy. Last week, we presented an assembly to the year sevens. Standing up and talking in front of near enough 200 people (teachers,year sevens&some year 8 boys) was very nervracking, but it went fairly well, and we got a very loud applause at the end of it. we talked about what our aims were, how serious animal testing is and the amazing work of animal aid.

We also went round the year seven forms with some surveys. we sent some round before our assembly, to find out how much they knew about animal testing and animal aid. then, we went round after the assembly to find out how much they had learnt and to asses the impact our advocacy has had on others.

Over the past few weeks, we have been collecting some signatures for our petition. we are very proud to announce that so far, we have collected…..568 signatures!! so a massive thankyou to everybody that signed it. it will really help our campaign. we are still collecting signatures and if you would like to sign it if you havent already, please do not hesitate to talk to us!

We wrote to animal aid, telling them who we were and what we wanted to achieve by supporting them. we were even lucky enough to get a reply. they even sent us loads of free resources, such as posters,leaflets,booklets,petitions,stickers,badges,pictures and a DVD.

In addition to this, we set up a display board outside Miss Taylors classroom. on the display board we displayed the resources that animal aid had sent Kate through the post.

thankyou for taking the time to read this, and please help us in any way you can by signing our petition and checking for updates on this blog.


Kate,Bryony&Courtney x

PS- merry christmas!!



Let us fill you in..


Well hello there..

Incase you’ve seen the website’s name and thought “urm,what’s this all about then?” let us fill you in. For our citizanship coursework, we had to choose a growing issue, that we feel strongly about (i.e. animal cruelty,bullying) and campaign for it in any way (i.e. posters, speech, video).

Our group chose animal testing. We think it’s wrong and cruel that an animal should have their life possibly taken away from them, just for the sake of a bottle of a mascara. We are speaking on behalf of animal aid. If you are unsure what animal aid does, then go and check them out, because the work that they do is absolutley amazing! (

So thankyou for checking out our blog and if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or talk to us at school if you know us! Over the next few months, we are going to be blogging about our campaign and our one aim is to make some sort of impact on animal testing, because it needs to stop.


Kate, Bryony and Courtney x